Author Guidelines


Abdiraja's Journal

Abdiraja Journal is a journal for the development and application of science and technology that contains publication of the results of community service activities (PKM), models or concepts and or their implementation in order to increase community participation in development, community empowerment and or implementation of community service as an effort to implement and downstream research results.


Instructions for Prospective Journal Writers Abdiraja

The manuscript is an application of science and technology and the application of innovative ideas in the implementation of community service activities that have never been or are not in the process of being published in other journals.

The manuscript is written in Indonesian. The manuscript is typed with MS Word word processor, Times New Roman font, size 12pt, 1.15 spaces, printed on A4 paper size, margin 2:2:3:2. The length of the manuscript is between 10 to 15 pages.


The systematics of writing articles follows the following order.

  1. Title (Avoid writing the title in all caps) and Article Sub-Title (If any)
  2. Name, Author Institution, and email address
  3. Abstract(Indonesian)
  4. Introduction
  5. Implementation method
  6. Results and Discussion
  7. Conclusion
  8. Acknowledgments (If Any)
  9. Bibliography


The explanation of each component of the basic structure of the article is described below:

  1. Article Title and Sub Title (If Any)

Reflect on the source of inspiration for the PKM being handled, if necessary, include the location of the activity. Maximum word length is 15 words. Article subtitles reflect additional information that supports the article title. Maximum word length is 20 words. Written using Times New Roman 14pt, 1 space. Avoid writing the title in all caps.


  1. Name, Author Institution, Correspondence

Write the name of the main author (first placed), followed by the names of other team members. The author's name is written without a title. If the team members are from different universities, state the identity of their respective institutions, for example:


Ahmad Hebat1), Happy Cantika2), Dwi Merdeka3)

  • Fakultas Ilmu Politik / Universitasxxxxxxxxxx
  • Fakultas Ilmu Sosial dan Ilmu Politik / Universitasxxxxxxxxx
  • Fakultas Teknik / Universitasxxxxxxxxx


*Correspondence: include your respective e-mail addresses


  1. Abstract

Abstract (Indonesia) must contain an analysis of the situation, objectives, benefits and methods used as well as the results of the implementation of community service. The summary of service activities must be able to describe carefully and briefly the report on the results of community service. Abstract maximum of no more than 250 words. The keyword is a maximum of 5 words.


  1. Introduction

The introduction contains an analysis of the target partner's situation and problems. Completely describe the condition of priority problems faced by partners, along with the solutions to problems offered in these service activities. Briefly describe the targets and planned outcomes of service activities, for example: Increasing turnover of partners in the economic field / Increasing community understanding and skills / Increasing product quantity and quality.


  1. Implementation Method

Implementation method that explains the stages or steps in carrying out community service activities. Along with the solutions offered to overcome partner problems. Complete description in the method of implementation section.


  1. Results and Discussion

Results and Discussion contains a unity between the results and discussion of the activities carried out. Results and Discussion may consist of several sub-discussions written systematically. Tables, figures, graphs, diagrams, and photos must be numbered, captioned, and include the source of the information. Drawings (activity documentation) must be original and clear.


         7. Conclusion

The conclusion is an overview of the activities that have been carried out and is not a summary of the results of the discussion that refers to the theory or method of community service carried out.


        8. Acknowledgments (If Any)

Acknowledgments are optional (if any)


        9. Bibliography

The bibliography is written following the APA (American Psychological Association) Style model. The number of reference sources used as a bibliography of scientific literature (80% primary references and 20% secondary references). We recommend writing citations using the Mendeley reference manager application. Example:


Conyers, D. (1994). Perencanaan Sosial di Dunia Ketiga: Suatu Pengantar, Yogyakarta: Gadjah Mada University Press.

Subroto, E., Tensiska, dan Indiarto. R. (2014). Peningkatan Pengetahuan dan Keterampilan dalamupaya Mendukung Ketahanan Pangan di Desa Girijaya dan Mekarjaya, KecamatanCikajang,Kabupaten Garut. Dharmakarya. 13 (1) 1-4.

Alam, A. (2010). Perpustakaan Tempat Belajar Sepanjang Hayat. Media Indonesia, Jakarta: Kamis, 7 Oktober: hlm.1, kolom 2.

Suwahyono, N. (2004). Pedoman Penampilan Majalah Ilmiah Indonesia. Jakarta: Pusat Dokumentasi dan Informasi Ilmiah, LIPI.

Wijana, I.D.P. (2007). Bias Gender pada Bahasa Majalah Remaja. Tesis, Fakultas Ilmu Budaya.

Yogyakarta: Universitas Gadjah Mada.


Manuscript Submission

Submission of manuscripts must first register online at the address


How to register:

Moreover, click the register menu on the OJS Abdiraja page. Fill in the requested meta data, then save. After registering you can login using the username and password that was registered during registration. After logging in, fill in all the metadata on the available submissions, and upload the service article script in Microsoft Word format according to the template provided.